Monday, 28 February 2011

In the Company of Wolves at the GFF

This Friday myself and Claire Stuart ran a fashion catwalk show for the Glasgow Film Festival. The catwalk ran after the film screener of 'Pyuupiru' a film about a Japanese performance artist.

The show went very well and we'd like to thank everyone involved.

Designers -    Lilly Wiggler lingerie
                     David Black
                     Nicola Beedie
                     Judy Clarke
                     Obscure Couture

David Black

Nicola Beedie

Judy Clarke

Obscure Couture


All photos taken by the wonderful Grant Alexander McDonald

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Next Friday 4th March the Sub Club will be playing host to RICARDO VILLALOBOS. Needless to say the event sold out in record time. Unfortunately the wee Sub can't hold the 1000+ people that wanted tickets but for those lucky enough to get a ticket, this night is going to be very special.

Poster hand made by Paul Smith


Fashion Mavericks is an event which aims to showcase and introduce new & independent designers. This new exciting event takes place every season during London Fashion Week; one of the most busiest times of the fashion calendar. The event showcases the work of talented creative designers who offer fresh, new and independent designs and surely destined to take the world by storm.

This year, my friends Lyndsay Pagan and Jenn Celine Coyle of  'OBSCURE COUTURE ' were there showcasing their collection FLESH & BONE. Glasgow should be very proud of these girls, I can see very big things happening for them in the future.

Lyndsay and Jenn (photo from Style Scanner)

See their fantastic Look Book here

The Obscure Couture collection will be showing at the 'Pyuupiru' fashion and film event this Friday at the CCA in Glasgow. 


I'm so inspired by Topshop's SS 11 range for the next coming months. But I have to say I'm not that impressed with the AW 11 collection.

The collection was inspired by 1930's elegance and Disney's '101 Dalmations'. I do like some of the looks but I could do without the faux dalmatian fabric. Check these out from the 2011 AW show that was on this LFW.

Still undecided on the puppy dog hair styling! Thoughts?

Love the dalmation nails.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


This Friday myself and Claire Stuart's events company 'In the Company of Wolves' are producing a fashion catwalk show to help launch the film screening of 'Pyuupiru' at the Glasgow Film Festival.

Tickets have now sold out for the film and catwalk show but it is possible to get on the guestlist for the afterparty with guest DJ Pam Hogg. Just email for your chance to gain access to this exclusive event.

Pyuupiru is one of the brightest stars of the Japanese art scene, renowned for eye-popping handmade costumes and being a work of art in her own right. Director Daishi Matsunaga is an old friend who has captured every moment of Pyuupiru’s rise to fame from first highheeled strut in the coolest clubs in Japan to cult status. The trust of friendship is behind an extraordinary documentary that provides a fascinating insight into the private life of Pyuupiru. Born a boy, she decided that that her true gender was female. The emotional and physical upheavals of becoming herself, finding love and seeking acceptance are all revealed in a fascinating portrait of an artist as both creator and creation.

Director: Daishi Matsunaga
Year: 2008
Running Time: 1h 33m
Country: Japan

Language: Japanese with subtitles 


Thanks to Chris for sending me this. Stick this on and relaaaaaxxxxx.....

Nicolas Jaar - Liquid Radio (FM4) - 14-02-2011 by R_co


Last summer the bar I worked in entered into the 42 Below Vodka World Cup. Me and 2 other gals managed to win the Glasgow heat. Here's what we made in case you fancy trying something a bit different...

Bee's Knees

* 50ml 42BELOW Manuka Honey Vodka
* Ginger
* Honeycomb crust
* 25ml Lemon
* Gomme

Muddle ginger add 42BELOW Manuka Honey Vodka, add other ingredients and shake. Serve in a martini glass rimmed with dried crush honeycomb and garnish with a sugar nest.

 Red Peckor

* 40ml 42BELOW Pure
* 25ml lime
* 25ml gomme
* 1/2 red pepper
* Bunch corriander

Muddle, shake with ice, served in a red pepper with coriander garnish.

 Peas to Meet You

* 50ml 42BELOW Pure
* Mushy peas
* 25ml lime juice
* 25ml gomme
* 3 slices of green chilli

Muddle peas and chilli, add remaining ingredients and shake well. Strain into a chilled sugar rim rocks glass and garnish with a trumpet of shoestring chip


My friend Esa Mervin Granger Williams has been a resident DJ at Subculture, Sunday Circus and Sensu for the last 3 years. Safe to say this guy's got talent. Check out his new release 'LUXARAMA'. on his own Rememory Records label.

Limited edition 12" are available from Juno and Rubadub Records. Sleeve designed by the oh so talented Paul Smith.

Big tings gonna be happenin to this lad in the future. You heard it here!

Jeremy Scott for Adidas

Watching Jeremy Scott's AW 2011 collection reminded me of just how crazy his style is. Remember what he did with Adidas last year?? Inspiring yes, wearable? Don't think I'll be rockin the pink teddies anytime soon.

The Lives of Others (2006)

My favourite film of all time.

The Lives of Others (2006) 
Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck