Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mega catchup. 6 months in 1 post

Been mega supa busy and haven't had so much time to blog. This last 6 months have been crazy! In November ITCOW had another fashion show in the Sub Club which showcased more of Scotland's independent fashion designers, models and visual artists. Since the show was so close to Halloween we decided to base our inspiration on 70's B movie horror's, looking at Dario Argento's stylish movie sets and music by John Carpenter and Goblin.

Thanks to Paul Smith for designing us this sexy flyer, featuring the gorgeous Taz Nowy wearing Isla Scott.

I have also been working with Bar Soba in Glasgow doing marketing and events. In December we launched the Xmas menu, which involved organising a party for press and party people to sample some of the pan Asian dishes. THEN last week Bar Soba opened up another venue in the West End of the city, so I helped organise the launch for that which was great too. We had Esa from the Sub Club DJing, Thai massage from Thai Orchid Spa and sweet cocktails from the Soba masters.

In between all of this I have been working on my dissertation. But lets not talk too much about that.

Here are some pix from the last ITCOW show.

Thanks to all the designers, models, make-up artists, graphic designers, caterers, sponsors, volunteers, hairstylists and of course the mighty Sub Club! Video coming soon...

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