Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Other than rolling about in the Sub Club my second love is for Sunday Circus. I've been attending them for 3 years which makes me a veteran a suppose. I have fond, slightly hazy memories of dancing away the day and night within the intimate 4 walls of the courtyard. I like to think of it as a kind of secret(ish) society of party people. It's a pretty badly kept secret since it has become so well established but the regular return of faces keeps me satisfied knowing that it is still fairly underground.

The Courtyard Bar on West Nile Street was the mothership for Sunday all dayers up until a few weeks ago when it sadly closed and was sold onto new management. I wouldn't recommend going for a visit...it is beyond bad.

Will the show still go on? Ehhh yes.

The combined creative minds of organisers and djs Dave Talbot, David Liddel, Ronnie Muirhead, Max Raskin and Tricky have lead us to venues like the Grand Ol Opry, Classic Grand, SWG3, the rooftop, the Renfrew Ferry and now more recently the Arc.

This months venue is a mystery oooooooooooooooohhh! All we know is that we have to get a bus to a secret countryside location on the 26th September. The lineup so far looks very healthy with DC-10 headliner Davide Squillace with Slam and residents playing from 4pm-?

If you snooze you loose so get a ticket and stop yer moaning if you didn't.

Here's my favourite Squillace track. He better play it.

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  1. Gutted we won't be there, shake your tail [or jacket] feathers for your long lost travelling pals x