Monday, 10 January 2011

Topshop really?

Who doesn't love Topshop? Come on, don't deny it! I frequent the store at least once a week, usually browsing, but often panic buying on a Saturday afternoon. 

I admire how the shop actually reflects catwalk trends in a wearable way without looking too cheap. That was until I saw the concession section on the ground floor of Argyle Street! What the actual fuck? As I glide down the escalators, excited by the prospect of new leather bags and shoes I am confronted by a rack of hideous garments that look not unlike pieces I've seen in the windows of Quiz clothing. Who is responsible for buying at the Topshop headquarters? They need a slap.

Lina dress by Jones and Jones**

Pheobe Dress by Jones and Jones**

Lisette Dress by Jones and Jones**

I'm sorry but these are the worst dresses in the world and at £60 who in their right mind would even consider trying them on??? Topshop please get rid of these cheap and nasty labels, who are you trying to attract with these items? 

Philip Green.. someone is taking the piss mate.

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